A portable basketball hoop is different from a permanent one with a pole that goes into a cement base to keep it upright.

The portable basketball hoops are designed for homeowners or renters who want to have a basketball hoop but be able to move it into different positioned (the back yard, the front driveway) as needed. It’s also so they can be removed, transported and placed in a new home when moving rather than have to leave the permanent basketball hoop where it is already cemented into the ground.

First Step to Placing a Portable Basketball Hoop

Once assembled and fully loaded up with either sand or water, the hoop will weigh a considerable amount. While, yes, it’s still portable, it’ll require an adult to push it and probably a second person to help steady it on uneven ground to prevent the structure from toppling over either into something or someone! Therefore, anyone moving it later must maneuver it slowly to avoid building up momentum and overconfidence to keep everything steadier.install basketball hoop

To prevent the need to move the assembled and positioned hoop because of a bad thought process with the setup, think very carefully about where you will place the best portable basketball hoop. It will be inconvenient at best and difficult at worse to have to relocate it later because a bad spot was chosen. If necessary, consult each member of the household to solicit their opinion first. That way, the best ideas rise to the top and the bad ideas get rooted out before doing anything more.

Enlist the Help of a Family Member (or Two) Over 18

It’s necessary to have the assistance of at least one adult. They are needed to assist in the assembly and setup of a portable basketball hoop. Some parts have to be assembled and there’s also a need to add either sand or water to the base. This requires adults to lift up the sand bag or provide the water safely. The sand bag is heavier than most young children or teenagers can safely carry without possibly injuring themselves.

A number of the component parts aren’t light either and as such, it needs a strong person to lift them into position while another ensures everything holds together.

Deciding on Sand or Water

The base is usually hollow and requires either sand or water to fill it up. This makes it more portable once emptied out but requires filling up before usage.

The heavier base ensures that the portable hoop once upright should have a secure enough foundation that it won’t topple over even with strong outside winds from a local storm.

Checking Everything is in the Box

Do check what parts should be inside the product packaging because assembly. This avoids finding out once half assembled that a necessary part is missing. While a basketball company’s customer support can usually send out a replacement (small) part within a few days, it will halt the assembly and setup of the basketball hoop for the time being.

Once following these steps, you should be playing basketball outside in the no time.